Monday, 9 November 2015

Taber / Looser

  The first prints added to the store is a series of etchings
 that Jasper Sebastian Stürup printed when taking part of the Nontoxic Nordisk workshop 
at National Gallery of the Faeroe Islands back in 1999.
Wile attending his last year at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
The series is called Taber Serien / the Looser Series.
Each print have a short text hand written in a birch tree font.
Øl 10 Kroner / Beer 10 Crown was the price of a beer at all the art openings of 
artist run galleries at the time in Copenhagen. 
5. Et rent hus er et hyggeligt hus / 5. a clean house is a cosy house was one of the house rules written on the wall in the house where Stürup was staying wile being at the Faeroe islands.
The two Panodil prints has the name of an over the counter pain reliever
blue to swallow and red to delude in water.
In the shop are what is left of the series, only a cpl of full series are remaining,
the rest of the prints are sold separately.
Due to bad storage some have miner warped paper.

See them in the print section

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